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Chapters (not individually listed)
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This template creates a special boxed table of contents within a mainspace page. It is intended for adding tables of contents to works that did not originally feature such a navigation device. For example, where a work has been broken into chapters or other subsections on subpages on Wikisource where the original document simply flowed from one section to the other.

This template uses the same class as {{header}}, which separates the table of contents from the proofread text derived from the Page: and Index: space.



{{Auxiliary Table of Contents|List of subpages}}


{{Auxiliary Table of Contents|List of subpages|title=|comment=|width=}}


  • title: Inserts and new word or phrase in the top left of the table. Default: Chapters.
  • comment: Inserts a new comment to the right of the title. Default: (not individually listed).
  • width: Width of the table; default: 400px.


{{Auxiliary Table of Contents|
#[[/Chapter I /]]
#[[/Chapter II /]]
#[[/Chapter III /]]
#[[/Chapter IV /]]
#[[/Chapter V /]]
Chapters (not individually listed)
{{Auxiliary Table of Contents|title=Foo|comment=Bar|width=250|<poem>[[/Preface /]]
[[/Chapter I /]]
[[/Chapter II /]]
[[/Chapter III /]]</poem>}}
Foo Bar

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Navigation templates are used to help a reader navigate through or between texts.

Template You type You get Notes
{{TOC}} {{TOC}}

Table of contents A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Used to provide a compact TOC to an alphabetical listing.
{{AuxTOC}} {{AuxTOC|

* [[/Chapter 1/]]}}

Chapters (not individually listed)
Used when the work does not include an original Table of Contents.
{{TOC begin}},
{{TOC end}} and
all {{TOC row....}}'s

{{TOC begin}}
{{TOC row 1-1-1|...}}
{{TOC end}}

Preface i
I. Introduction xii
II. Chapter 1 1
Used to easily format existing TOCs in the original.