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Annexure -I

On, II April, 2011 9:45:09 PM Re: Konark temple PATTNAIK SUBHENDU <subhendu_patnaik@yahoo.com> From:Add to Contacts To: anil dey < anil dey <anil-1931@yahoo.co.in> Cc: Subhendu_Patnaik@yahoo.com

Dear Sir

Sorry again for the delay

year Magha Saptami date

1252 Jan 21, Sunday

1253 Jan 20, Thursday

1254 Jan 27, Tuesday

1255 Jan 20, Monday

1256 Jan 20, Thursday

1258 Jan 27, Sunday

1259 Jan 24, Monday

1260 Jan 27, Tuesday

1242 AD Kanya, Sukla Pakshya, dasami, Thursday : 25th September

Dear Sir,

Sorry for the delay in replying. After discussion with you I have narrowed down to following points.

1. Magha Saptami can fall only between January 15th to march 30th of an English calendar.

2. If the temple is in exact east-west direction and the dimension given, then the sunrays can fall on the “deity” for about 10-15 days during month of March and September every year. This happens only when the Sun is near the true east direction.

The Sun moves towards south for about three months and attends its maximum position, which are about 23.440 from the central line and travels back (towards north) for about 6 months to reach the other end passing through the central line.

4. So the part of the year when the sunlight can fall on the “deity” is close to March 21 when Magha saptami can fall.

5. Most likely the “tithi” may be Magha saptami.

6. Further considering the data you have given (width is about 2.50) we can say that the rays will fall for thirty days for two times every year between March 6th to April 5th and September 7th to October 6th. i.e. for a opening of 10 the sun will fall about 11-12 days two times every year.