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This template is used to record that a page is missing an image.

It should be used when an image is missing from a page AND the full page scan will not suffice as an interim measure; for example, because the image needs to be rotated, or because it does not take up the full page. In cases where the full page scan will suffice for the interim, use {{raw image}} instead. This will insert the full page scan, along with a relatively unobtrusive invitation to readers to improve the image.

Do not use this template to flag content that can be coded, such as missing tables, musical scores or chess diagrams; use {{missing table}}, {{missing score}} and {{missing chess diagram}} respectively.


Page: namespace pages that use this template are in need of further work and should therefore be marked Problematic.


{{Missing image}}


This template adds Page: namespace pages to Category:Pages with missing images, and other pages to Category:Texts with missing images.

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