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  • This is for newly completed works
  • Add new items using {{new texts/item}}. No subst. See documentation for information to overwrite title.
  • Please use a descriptive edit summary of the work being added

Simple listing:

{{new texts/item|LINK TO WORK|Author name|YYYY}}

Advanced listing controlling aspects of display (nowiki=yes displays the author name without a wikilink):

{{new texts/item|LINK TO WORK|Author name|YYYY|nowiki=yes|display=Preferred title to display}}

Please limit the number of texts to a maximum of seven, so that it fits nicely on the page.

  1. Insert a new text on the top, and move the bottom one to the "Old" section.
  2. Try not to have two texts by the same author on this template at the same time, thanks.
  3. Have a descriptive edit-summary of the work being added to help enable management of this page
  4. Edit the New texts section

New texts[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

NOTE: When adding a new text, move the last entry from the upper list to the top of the lower list below, under the text "Older entries". This will still hide it from view on the main page, though make monthly archival easier. All new additions are to be placed between the onlyinclude tags

The Beautiful White Devil (1897)
 by Guy Boothby
Una and the Lion (1871)
 by Florence Nightingale
Peter Bell (1819)
 by William Wordsworth
Life or Death in India (1874)
 by Florence Nightingale
Œdipus (1718, 1906 for translation)
 by Voltaire, translated by William F. Fleming
The Bird of Time (1912)
 by Sarojini Naidu
The Awkward Age (1899)
 by Henry James

Older entries (not currently displayed)

Excursions (1863)
 by Henry David Thoreau
The Special 301 Report, Issue 2013
 by Office of the United States Trade Representative
Her Prairie Knight, and Rowdy of the "Cross L" (1907)
 by B. M. Bower
Jacobite broadsides (18th century)
 by Walter Biggar Blaikie, collector
The Roman Catholic Bishops of Limerick and Clonfert on Boycotting and the Plan of Campaign (1887)
 by Edward Thomas O'Dwyer and John Healy
Rome and Fenianism: The Pope's Anti-Parnellite Circular (1883)
 by William Maziere Brady
A Yankee in Canada, with Anti-slavery and Reform Papers (1866)
 by Henry David Thoreau

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