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{{Plainlist}} starts a plain, or unbulleted, list, such as:

It uses proper HTML list markup, which is more standards-compliant and more accessible than separating list items with <br />.


{{Plainlist |
* [[Author:George Washington|George Washington]]
* [[Author:John Adams (1735-1826)|John Adams]]
* [[Author:Thomas Jefferson|Thomas Jefferson]]
* [[Author:James Madison|James Madison]]
* [[Author:James Monroe|James Monroe]]


  • indent – indents the list by a number of standard indents (one indent being 1.6em), particularly handy for inclusion in an indented discussion thread.
Example: |indent=2
  • style – adds CSS style options.
Example: |style=border:solid 1px silver; background:lightyellow
This CSS style adds a solid silver border around the list, 1 pixel thick, and sets the background color of the list to light yellow.
Example: |style=margin-left:2em; text-indent:-2em
This CSS style creates a "hanging indent" style list often seen in the index of a book.