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This template is to mark mainspace pages which have had unproofread text transcluded from the Page: namespace. This is probably done to aid organisation of complex or large works consisting of many separate parts.

{{Transcluded OCR errors}}


  • page: The page (or the first page) that contains OCR errors that are transcluded.
{{Transcluded OCR errors|page=Page:Sandbox/1}}


This templates categorises pages to Category:Mainspace pages with transcluded OCR errors.

Progressing the work[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

The ideal solution to works in this state is to proofread the underlying Page: pages of the work.

See also[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

  • {{incomplete}} marks a work as incomplete. It generally means that some parts of the work are not available on Wikisource in any form, either as text content or page scans. If possible, use a more specific template like those below.
  • {{OCR-errors}} when the work contains OCR errors and/or page breaks and does not have a page scan.
  • {{Transcluded OCR errors}} when the work contains OCR errors from a transcluded page scan.
  • {{Split}} when the work needs to be split up into sections or chapters.
  • {{Split-multiple}} when a page such as a collection of snippets needs to be split into various different works.
  • {{Numbers}} when the work contains page breaks from the original work, but not other OCR errors.
  • {{Refs}} when the work has references in the text which should be converted to the Wiki ref format
  • {{Standardise}} when the work is complete, but doesn't conform with the style guidelines
  • {{Clean up djvu}} when the work has OCR errors, or hasn't been proofread, and does have a page scan
  • {{Migrate to djvu}} when the work is ostensibly complete, but needs to be migrated to an existing page scan
  • {{Translation}} for rating the progress of a Wikisource translation.